From idea to product

Multi-iteration idea prototypings and refinements to quickly deliver the product.

We Focus


Web Technology

We are experienced in building web application from simple page using jQuery, to more complex single-page web application using Angular or ReactJS.


Mobile Technology

We focus more on native app development in Android and iOS. For Hybrid app development, we have worked on Nativescript and React Native.

Tetgaa Features

We are experienced in building web and mobile applications. Here are some of the highlighted applications that we have hosted.

Tetgaa Note

Your personal note library – Keep your knowledge organized. Keyword search, quick-jump to note, and rich formatting.

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Tetgaa Log

Adding console log feature to your apps, or backend tracing, by sending JSON object to Tetgaa Log server.

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Fun Avatar

Light hearted moments rejoice. So create avatars for joy. Create your Tetgaa account to design more Avatar masks.

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Tetgaa English

A simple webapp to study English with touch friendly for learning English with tablet.

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Gesture Search

Search contact by handwriting gesture. App learns and improves contact suggestion.

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Gesture Money

Expenditure amount is input using gesture. Create Tetgaa account for more features.

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